Bathroom Countertops – Good, Better, Best

Bathroom Countertops – Good, Better, Best

Planning a bathroom renovation will eventually mean choosing a material for your bathroom countertops. There are many different options, each with advantages and benefits. Getting the look you want, durability, and ease of care are all factors to consider. Here are a few choices for bathroom countertops that fall into the good, better, and best categories.

  • Good – At the good end of the spectrum is installing ceramic or granite tile to create bathroom countertops. While tile is not the best choice in a kitchen because of all the seams and grout, it can handle the bathroom a bit better. Another option under the good classification is laminate bathroom countertops. While they look better than ever before, they don’t hold up well so should be used in guest bathrooms that don’t get as much use. They also won’t do much for resale value.
  • Better – Solid surface bathroom countertops are going to be an improvement over tile or laminate because they are more stylish. As a man-made material, there are numerous options to choose from. The downside of Corian or Silestone solid surface countertops is that they can become scratched and will scorch from a curling iron or other hot implement. Another better option is granite because it has a more varied appearance than solid surface. However, keep in mind that regular sealing is needed to keep these countertops looking nice.
  • Best – The most popular option for bathroom countertops today is quartz. As a man-made material, there are numerous styles to choose from, including those that look like granite without the need to reseal every year or two. Quartz can be costlier, but if your ultimate goal includes increasing resale value, quartz will do that for you.

If you would like to know more about the various good, better, and best bathroom countertops, give us a calla t Finney Builders Inc. We have been building custom homes and providing quality renovations since 1988, so we know a thing or two about what works best and provides lasting results.

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