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Tile in Lake Norman, North Carolina

Even with all the new products on the market today, there is just something about tile that keeps it as a top choice for flooring when doing kitchen and bathroom renovations. It is perfect for standing up to wet environments, and you don’t have to worry that an overflowing tub or leaking plumbing will mean floor repair or replacement. Here at Finney Builders Inc., we handle every part of your renovation, including installing quality tile for lasting beauty.

There are two things you need to know about tile for your kitchen and bathroom floors. The first is that not all tile is the same. Some of it will last a lifetime, but there are many budget-priced tile options out there that simply don’t last. The top coating wears thin or chips easily, exposing the different coloring underneath. While this type of tile can be used in lesser-used rooms, we never recommend it for kitchens or bathrooms. Some tile isn’t even rated for floors, only walls, so be careful you don’t make an expensive mistake choosing tile without our assistance and advice.

The next thing to know is that installation can also affect the results and the longevity of tile. An improper installation can leave you with hollow sounds and cracks developing in the years to come. We use only top-quality setting materials, and with experience dating back to 1988, we’ve installed more tile than you can imagine.

When you want lasting results for the tile flooring in your Lake Norman, North Carolina home, you can count on us to exceed your expectations. We are committed to giving you quality you can trust. Contact us today with any questions you may have or to get a quote for your tile project.

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