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4 Things You Should Tell Your Custom Home Builders

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Here at Finney Builders Inc., we want to build a home you’re happy living in for years to come. To make this happen, there are a few things you should tell our team of home builders when you meet with them for the first time:

  1. Your vision—Our home builders want to know how you see your custom home turning out. Whether you envision a home with four bedrooms with plenty of room for your growing family or a smaller home for your retirement years, we’ll craft design plans based on your unique vision.
  2. Your ideal layout—Our home builders realize that the layout of your home heavily impacts your daily life. We’ll present you with several layout options to choose from, and all you have to do is let us know what you like and don’t like.
  3. Your budget—Even though we know you would love to have an unlimited budget for your new home, we realize this isn’t a reality for the majority of people. Let us know what your realistic budget is for the project, as well as which features are “must haves” and which ones are “nice to haves.”
  4. Special features—Do you need an accessible bathroom space for an aging parent or do you want an open kitchen with a big island for cooking? Let us know what types of special features you want to incorporate into your home, and we’ll make it happen.
Your Home Builders Should Have These Qualities

Your Home Builders Should Have These Qualities

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Three Things You Wish You Told Your Home Builders

Three Things You Wish You Told Your Home Builders

When you are working with your home builders, there are lots of details that you’ll likely need to discuss. While you primarily think of what’s going on with your house itself, there are a few important things that you’ll want to communicate with your home builders that relate to the property itself. Continue reading “Three Things You Wish You Told Your Home Builders” »