Trending Bathroom Countertops and How to Choose the Right One for You

We often shave a few years off our age or overstate our income a tad when talking to friends. However, not being upfront about your budget when you are having a custom home designed and built is usually not going to end well. Don’t be embarrassed that your budget is lower than you think your builder wants it to be or that they’ll take advantage if they know it is higher than normal. The only way that builders of custom homes can give you the best possible results is if they are working with a reality-based budget.

The bathrooms in your home may not take up a lot of square footage, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make big statements with these rooms as part of your home building or renovation project. Bathrooms are a great place to go a little overboard with style, design, and décor. They are a place where guests will likely take a little bit more time to admire their surroundings, so why not make these rooms look incredible? There are so many details about bathrooms that you can change if you are just considering a reno, but bathroom countertops are a great place to start since they can be a focal point.

Bathroom countertops that are currently trending:

  • Concrete — Very sturdy, ability to customize is nearly endless, needs to be sealed, but if well-maintained will be stain resistant
  • Tile — So many color and style options, lasts a long time and holds up well to constant exposure to water
  • Granite — A classic choice that is durable, easy to clean, and beautiful
  • Quartz — Very popular right now, luxurious look of marble, but very affordable, also stain resistant and easy to keep clean

One design feature that is common when you are creating a design plan for your new home is to choose a single type of bathroom countertop to have installed in each of your bathrooms. It creates a certain degree of continuity and it simplifies your life. Learning more about bathroom countertops will help you make a good choice from a quality and design perspective. The more that you know about the different types of materials that can be installed as countertops, the better choices you’ll make for your new home.

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