Why Builders of Custom Homes Need Your Real Budget Number

Why Builders of Custom Homes Need Your Real Budget Number

We often shave a few years off our age or overstate our income a tad when talking to friends. However, not being upfront about your budget when you are having a custom home designed and built is usually not going to end well. Don’t be embarrassed that your budget is lower than you think your builder wants it to be or that they’ll take advantage if they know it is higher than normal. The only way that builders of custom homes can give you the best possible results is if they are working with a reality-based budget.

If your budget is lower than you’d like, know your builder can advise you on ways to make your budget stretch. They can offer advice on what changes can be made to give you what you want most while keeping the appraised value where you want it. They can also suggest the best ways to cut costs that can be resolved later, such as putting in lower cost lighting that can be swapped out later when you have more funds available.

On the flip side, if you have a larger budget, instead of thinking your builder will overcharge you for things, realize that you chose that builder of custom homes because you felt they were the best option. If you trusted them enough to choose them, trust them enough to do you right. Also, keep in mind that when your builder knows your budget, they can do more creative work and tell you how you can best apply the extra for maximum benefit.

When you turn to us at Finney Builders Inc., you are getting the expertise and integrity of a company that has stood the test of time since 1988. We are confident that you’ll see that our custom homes are among the best in the area and that you can feel confident telling us your real budget number.

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