Three Things You Wish You Told Your Home Builders

Three Things You Wish You Told Your Home Builders

When you are working with your home builders, there are lots of details that you’ll likely need to discuss. While you primarily think of what’s going on with your house itself, there are a few important things that you’ll want to communicate with your home builders that relate to the property itself.

  1. Your Plans for Landscaping – While your home has all of the details that are important to you, there are also things you want to do outside your home to improve the landscape, value, and aesthetics of the property. Communicating your landscaping plans with your homebuilder will ensure that as your house comes together, it will coordinate with your plans for landscaping.
  2. The Ideal Entrance & Exit – Of course your house will have entries and exits, but what about your driveway? Do you want to have more than one way in and out? Telling your home builders how you want to be able to enter your home will tell them a lot about the positioning of your home, the grading required, and how to strategically make your entries and exits more functional.
  3. Where Access is Important – Does your home have a crawlspace? Will you need to be able to access the attic? Communicating with your home builders about the various access points throughout your home can be important. If you ever needed to call about a flood or discover you have an attic infestation, having easy access can make all the difference.

At Finney Builders Inc., we can help you manage all of the details of the home building process, including the ones mentioned here. Contact us today to discuss your home building project.

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